Integrate and Sync your Web Application with Outlook, Exchange & Office 365

Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of Integration with Outlook

Outlook Integration
Plug & Play Outlook Integration Platform for .NET, PHP & Java Developers

Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of Integration with Outlook

Use our Outlook Integration Platform to Quickly and Easily Integrate your We App with Outlook, Exchange & Office 365

  • Synchronization - Full bi-directional synchronization of contacts, calendar and tasks
  • Email Integration - Manual and Auto-Email archive from Outlook to the Web app
  • Email Side-Panel - Fully configurable Email side-panel to display application-specific information
  • Rules engine – User configurable rules for intercepting and processing inbound / outbound emails
  • Highly Configurable - Functionality and user interface are fully configurable by the Web app
  • Application Categories - Associate Outlook items with specific Web app records / categories
  • Web services API - for C# / ASP.NET / PHP / JAVA applications
  • Multi platform Support - Windows, Mac, Exchange (server-side), OWA and mobile devices
  • Full offline mode support

Calendar Integration & Synchronization

Outlook Calendar Integration Made Easy

  • Synchronization - Full bi-directional synchronization of Web calendars with Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange
  • Outlook Calendaring Functionality - Meeting invites, acceptance & decline, modifications and cancelations
  • Recurring meetings - Full support for recurring meetings including synchronization of whole series or individual occurrences
  • Application Specific – Enable users to associate Outlook meetings with specific Web app records such as clients, opportunities, etc.

Powerful Email Integration

Tight Integration with all Email activities in Outlook

Manual Email Archiving

Upload emails from Outlook and archive them to specific database records

Rule-Based Email Archiving Engine

Create custom rules to intercept inbound / outbound emails and automatically archive them to the Web app based on contacts' email addresses, domain names or for all application-defined contacts

Email Side-Panel

  • Instantly access relevant App data upon receiving emails from contacts
  • Access relevant App data when composing emails or sending meeting invites to contacts
  • View, update and create new App records
  • Archive emails to any record on side-panel
  • Create an 'in place' quick note and save in App database
  • Create contacts from email
  • Fully configurable by the Web App

Multi-Platform Support

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Outlook web Access
  • Exchange and Office 365 (integration connector)