Integrate and Sync your Web Application with Exchange & Office 365

Plug & Play Integration Platform for .NET, PHP and Java Developers

Exchange & Office 365 Connector
Integrate directly - No Outlook plugin required

Synchronize your Web App data
directly with Exchange & Office 365

Synchronize CRM Data with Users' Exchange Mailboxes
  • Full bi-directional synchronization between your Web App and your end-users' mailboxes: contacts, calendar and tasks
  • Items can be synced based on contacts they are associated with or categories that users assign to them
  • Installed on-premise and centrally managed by an admin
  • Fully configurable by admin:
    • Type of items to sync
    • Folders to sync
    • Sync policies (based on contacts, categories or all)
    • Direction of sync

Rule-Based Email Archiving Engine

Rule-Based Email Archiving Engine
  • Create custom rules for inbound / outbound emails and automatically archive them to the Web app based on contacts' email addresses, companies' domain names or for 'All Contacts'
  • Emails are uploaded in both HTML and text format
  • Configure if attachments be included as well as limit their type and size

Email Side-Panel (Optional)

Email Side-Panel (Optional)
  • Instantly access App data upon receiving emails from contacts
  • Access App data when composing emails or sending meeting invites to contacts
  • View, update or create new App records
  • Archive emails to any record on side-panel
  • Create an ‘in place’ quick note
  • Create contacts from email
  • Fully configurable by Web App

Enterprise-Class Scalable Solution

Enterprise-Class Scalable Solution
  • For deployment in house or as a hosted solution (e.g. AWS)
  • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange / Office 365
  • Scalable from a single server to a server cluster
  • High Performance; handles large-scale email traffic